How Much Do Social Media Graphics Cost?


Today, we will walk through the current cost of social media graphic design packages.

A normal package of social media graphics can cost anywhere between $50 and $650.

Here are some Social Media Graphic Packages to help you compare pricing:

The cost of the basic package costs $100 and the premium package is $200.

With the basic package, you get 3 pictures for any social media platform. With the Premium package, you get 12 pictures, 6 stories, highlight covers, a profile pic, and a video advertisement. 

All you need to provide is the category for your posts, style or the references you like, the text or quotes for your posts, pictures, and your logo (if you have one)

If you are building a brand or business, you need high quality creative design work. In this industry, you get what you pay for. This set of 3 graphic designs will cost $300 and a monthly pack of social media designs will cost $1,200.

These are some pretty serious prices. However, if you have professional branding and designs, you could end up winning some big contracts that will pay for the cost and help you earn a decent profit.

I would not be willing to budget $1,200 for a set of graphics because I don’t have that flexibility in my company budget. However, I would be willing to try out this service for only $300.

Overall, I really like how this designer is able to make visually striking social media graphics. If you need help on a project, I suggest creating a Fiverr account so you can message this designer.

With a starting price of $600, this package has the highest price for a basic package of social media graphics. With a purchase of the basic package, you will receive 1 profile picture and 1 cover image. To me, it seems like a lot to pay for only a profile picture and cover image. 

Suprisingly, she had 10 reviews that were raving about her quality of work. Here is one review for reference:

“Mijal was able to do for us what six GD’s couldn’t. The people we worked with prior were wonderful, but it seemed they all used basic shapes and scaled them, adding a few linear marks. This gets the job done if you’re not a business that needs strong branding, but if you are, Mijal will take you to where you need to be. You get what you pay for and she delivered value to every penny we spent, creating a logo and packaging design that was unique, asymmetrical and clean. We would recommend, if you do use her, putting your ego aside and trusting fully that she knows what’s best. It was hard to relinquish control, but inexpressibly worth it.”

Graphic Design Price Options & Comparisons

In-house graphic designer $48,651 USD per year
Design agency Depends on the service, but agencies generally charge around $85–$100 USD per hour
Software as a Solution (SaaS) Adobe’s Illustrator plan is $20.99 USD per month
Freelance graphic designer The average project on Freelancer is completed for $140 USD

According to, the average Freelance Graphic Designer project costs $140. That is pretty similar to what I showed you above. 

I would recommend any option which makes sense for your business. A Design Agency may overcharge you for the same work a freelancer can do. Also, you may have read in the testimonial above that the third Fiverr freelancer was able to do for her what 6 graphic designers couldn’t. That is pretty impressive feedback that helped convince me to use her when I need a new social media graphic created. 

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