How to choose best Antivirus with the Prime-Of-The-Series Antivirus Programs

Security has always been an issue for the internet users. Being connected to the internet has many advantages no doubt but it also exposes your system to the threats of the World Wide Web. Your personal information or data both are always at a risk of getting vulnerable to the various forms of viruses, Trojans and other spy ware so all this induces the need of applying a perfect security system for your computer. It is a famous question among the uses of WWW that How to choose best Antivirus.
Now the question is what is a perfect security software program? With so many anti viruses being offered free how can you determine which the best for your system is or which can equip your system with the required security components? In this section we will discuss major important The Components That Comprise Prime-Of-The-Series Antivirus Programs, this all will answer to your question How to choose best Antivirus.

best Antivirus

Components Required

• It should be based with new and improved anti malware engine and which should make use of the heuristics for viruses or other malware identification.
• For windows 7 and the windows Vista it should include in it a system of network detection.
• Along with system of network detection best Antivirus should include a system for the detection of network intrusion.
• It should be able to integrate with the Microsoft Internet Explorer in order to provide protection against internet based threats.
• best Antivirus is one who is light.
• It should be quick
• best Antivirus should include in it all the definitions of present viruses and worms etc. and must have Forefront Client security, Defender and Windows Live OneCare.
• It should be able to provide maximum protection and Identification in regard of the fake viruses. These threats are becoming very common these days and users mistaken by their charm download them and it results in the slowness and even malfunction of your computer. They will only let you go after you meet some of their costly requirements.
• The best Antivirus which you chose should be well suited and matched with your computer`s hard ware like it should not provide any objection to the smooth running of your system. This is very important and needs to be addressed.
• It is very important that before the installation you validate your computer. On validation is completed it will take only few minutes and your will be able to download the antivirus program.
• Your antivirus should be able to upgrade itself automatically. Many new form of web anomalies are being invented every other day so you should be aware and so should be your anti-virus, anti-spyware or any other protective program.
• Try to get one which belongs to a good company like the Microsoft or AVG. Their products are of quality and fully updated. Every year new version is introduced so you need to install the latest.
• The most important aspect is that your best Antivirus or computer protecting software should be easy to use and well managed. So the in experienced users don’t face any trouble in getting used to it.
• It should have good scanning properties so that it can scan your emails, Skype chats, messenger chants and instant messages.

This was all regarding the perfect Antivirus and its component, now you may answer to yourself that How to choose best Antivirus.

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