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The social media has now become the ultimate choice for marketing products and services. It’s the most accepted standard of business in the 21st century. The only thing required is proper knowledge. One must know his target market, purpose, goal, strategy and most importantly the plan of action to implement on social media marketing.

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The following should be remembered while making a strategic plan for social media marketing campaign.


  1. 1.       Choose the Right Sites

There are a number of social media sites but obviously no one has enough time to use them all. In fact some of them aren’t worth much to take someone’s precious time. The first thing one will need to do is to find a few sites that will work appropriately for his/her purpose. The sites having high quality traffic, gives support to develop a strong and attention gaining a profile, helps in promoting content and products, must be one’s choice to start media social marketing.


  1. 2.       Update and Share

One should update his web page and website on a daily basis. When any consumer visit  the page and realize that the web page has not been updated for a long time, they certainly built an opinion that it is not active and quickly make a decision to stop following the page as it is no more for their use. So update your social media accounts regularly. Try to share your company’s employee’s activities. Upload photographs which show organizational events, campaigns and unity of staff etc. These photographs create a positive image for your company and leave a positive and sound impact on your consumers.


  1. 3.       Accurate two way communication

It is worth mentioning that social media marketing is only valuable when it is a two-way communication. Share your message, but the communication should always be 2 ways. In case of a query, always try to respond at the earliest with showing your honesty and sincerity. Social media marketing is about information, conversation, contribution and relationships. Always remember that your communication must use a composition of helpful, entertaining, heart catchy content and offers. Never delete any negative comments. If you delete the post, it doesn’t mean that nobody has seen it. Ignore the negative comments. Responding directly to an individual’s comment is highly not recommended. Bad news travels faster than light and capable enough to ruin your online reputation in moments. Always think before you post or share something.


  1. 4.       Not a magical bullet

Social media is just a tool for business. Surely a great tool which can be used for many benefits like introducing your brand, gathering customer feedback and advertising. This tool will work more effectively with the combination of more marketing tools. There is always a need of creativity to promote business. You must be pretty sure about your expectations form audience. New and fresh exciting offers should be launched to grab the online market


These steps will all help you to attain your targets of promoting your site with social media. Always keep in your mind that the social media users have their own goals and motives so treat your customers the way you want yourself to be treated.

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