How to protect your blog from Google panda

The Google panda is an update feature released by Google to put a check on low quality and copied web content. If a webmaster or a blog owner steals content from other web pages and sites, then it will be detected by the Google panda. This update by Google has modified the present ranking algorithm of blogs and sites over Google. Websites who use copied content or are not abiding by SEO rules and practices get affected by Google panda and these blogs and sites are placed on a lower ranking at Google search engine. The lower ranking of the blogs and sites reduces their visibility and thereby less traffic is generated towards their blogs and sites, leading to reduced profits. This is the question for many of the bloggers that How to protect your blog from Google panda and here following are some important tips to protect your blog from the panda update. Incorporate these rules while producing content and managing your blog so that you never have to confront the devastating effects of the Google panda update.

Google panda

Tips regarding – How to protect your blog from Google panda

1. post original, fresh, and new content

In order to keep the panda way, the most important of all the rules is to produce original content. Produce attractive, new, and fresh content with catchy titles so that readers are attracted towards your articles. Use your own imaginations and ideas and create spicy and attractive posts. Repeated ideas and copied content from other blogs will disappoint the readers too. Keep visiting your blog time to time and keep posting new content.


2. Keep checking the traffic on your blog

It is highly recommended to check and observe the traffic visiting your blog. If you notice the rate of traffic on your blog getting down, then you might be at the risk of getting affected by Panda update. Blogs with low traffic are placed on a lower ranking. You can utilize many analysis tools that are available over web for free to check the rate of traffic on your blog conveniently.


3. Incorporate keywords

Use lots of related keywords in your blog’s content. Readers search articles over web by entering keywords. The more you incorporate keywords, the greater the probability of increased traffic at your blog.


4. Abide by SEO rules

Abide by the SEO practices and rules when posting content over your blogs. SEO practices help increase the amount of readership and traffic. You can Google and search for search engine optimization rules and incorporate them when managing and operating your blog to keep it a higher ranking over the search engine.


5. Increase the loading speed of the blog

Blogs that take more time to load are at a higher risk of getting affected by Panda. Blogs with many videos, images, and advertisements take much more time to load, and Google aims to reduce the visibility of those blogs and sites, which load at a low speed.


6. Avoid grammatical mistakes

Vocabulary and grammatical mistakes reduce the quality of the content. Avoid grammatical mistakes and use proper punctuation and vocabulary.

Abiding by the above mentioned tips, you can safeguard your blog from Google panda and increase the rate of traffic at your blog which will eventually lead to greater profits.

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