How to reveal password behind asterisk / bullets / dots in Firefox for Free

Why do you need to know the reveal password behind asterisks trick?

These days you have several email accounts and other site logins like fb, twitter and so on. More often than not, people have a tendency to save the password. While that saves time next time around, it is very likely that you may forget the password.

Instead of having to do forget password process, there is an easier trick to see the password on your machine.

“Inspect Element”- You can get this tool easily for major browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer.

This works on the recent versions of Chrome, Opera and Firefox (get Firebug if you don’t have it)

Click on the password field showing the asterisks **********

Right-click and on the pop-up menu, select Inspect Element

reveal password behind asterisk /bullets / dots
reveal password behind asterisk / bullets / dots

It will reveal some code which looks like below. If it does not, click on the left bottom corner sign as shown in picture below. Look out for the word ‘password’. Replace ‘password’ with ‘text’

<input id=”login-form-password” type=”password” name=”os_password”></input>


reveal password asterix
reveal password asterix

Now just look at your password field which was earlier showing asterisks – viola! Your password should be showing up instead of the dots/asterisks.

Reveal password on Internet Explorer: I have not tried to reveal password asterisks IE trick, but I think you can do it using developer toolbar to use inspect element.

Reveal password behind asterisk using Mozilla Firefox Add-on:

Show My Password is a Firefox Add-on which automatically converts scrambled hidden passwords into readable form.

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