How to use your Galaxy Tab as WiFi access point

Now coming summer vacation and travelling will become the main issue, it is likely that at some point, you will need to give your smartphones WiFi coverage, or our family or friends. Here’s a guide to setting up your Samsung Galaxy Tab in order to provide WiFi access and turn around a “hotspot”.

How to use your Galaxy Tab as WiFi access point

You can have up to five devices connected to your Galaxy Tab without losing the connection performance.

• Disable WiFi connection. You cannot use a WiFi connection on your tablet to provide WiFi access to other devices. For this you need a SIM card with access to Internet browsing. This access will provide enabling WLAN terminals that connect to your tablet.
• Go to the Settings. You can access it via the application menu and choosing the application “Settings”.
• Choose the Wireless & Networks.
• Choose the mobile access point.
• Touch the option Access Point Settings.
• Select Configure WiFi access point.
• Then you can choose the SSID of the network that will create as well as the security level to be (open or WPA2 PSK).
• If you choose WPA2 PSK you will be prompted for a password.

From here you will see how connection symbol appears at the bottom right of the screen. By following above steps you can make your Samsung Galaxy Tab as WiFi access point.

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