How to Use Your Phone and Tablet Wisely

Here are a few ways that you can use your phone or tablet wisely. This article was inspired by the fact that phone and tablets are so expensive and yet so underused. For example, did you know that most schoolchildren use their phone for games, more than they use them for phone calls? Their phone may have cost their parents $150, where they could have bought their child a cheap $20 call making phone, and spent $40 on an handheld gaming console with a couple of games. Tablets are especially expensive and particularly underused. They are not as portable as a phone, and have tremendous processing power, all so that they can be used once a week to check emails during a lunch break. Here are a few way you can use your phone or tablet correctly.


You can use your phone as a phone

Get a plan that allows free calls past 6pm, and stop using your home phone. Make all of your phone calls in the evening. You will save a lot more money this way, and will actually be using your phone to make calls. What is the point in investing so much money in a phone, if you are going to use it as a way of checking emails? Try signing up for a deal that allows you a large amount of free texts, and then text people instead of calling them. The money you invest in your phone plan should be paid for by the money you save from your landline.


Organize your life with your phone

Buy a calendar or organizer app and use it to configure your life to run more smoothly. Your phone is able to be carried with you anywhere, so as soon as you make an appointment you can enter it into your phone. As soon as you are given some information, or come up with a task, you can enter it into your phone right there and then. You can make it so that you never forget anything ever again.


Use your phone as an Alarm clock

It is small, noisy and always with you. It is an ideal alarm clock.


Taking down numbers on your phone

Whether you are making dinner plans or copying a phone number from an advert, few will deny that a phone is an ideal tool for taking down phone numbers.


Making notes on your phone

Phones are not ideal for taking down notes, but if you have something such as the EverNote App, you may find that it comes in very handy. This is because your phone is always with you, so that you may note down and store your thoughts and ideas as you come up with them.


Having a phone to play with when you are bored

Since the days of Snake, people have been playing with their phones for fun. Things have progressed a little since the days of a line of pixels chasing a pixilated box, and gaming on a phone is now supremely popular.


Tablets for Reading

They are large and bright enough that reading has become easier on them. Unlike reading from a PC/Laptop screen (which is difficult), a tablet device allows a person to lie down as he/she reads. One may read in a chair, stood up, or lying on his/her back. It is not as easy as reading a book, but it is the next best thing.


Using a tablet in places where you could not take a laptop or PC

A tablet device will never compare favorably to a PC or laptop, but it does have the ability to be used in places where a laptop would not fit. A laptop has a fair amount of portability, but cannot be used in crowded areas or in other cramped position. A tablet however is almost as portable as a phone.


Use a tablet it as a newspaper

Instead of buying a newspaper, you may read information from your tablet.

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