HP Basic Tips for choosing a professional notebook

HP has developed an interesting infographic showing graphically the main points to consider when purchasing a business notebook.


Given the difficult economic environment and high level of competitiveness in the living companies today, it is more important than ever that organizations, regardless of size or sector they belong, are connected with your business and the environment that around, explained from HP.

It is therefore vitally important that companies choose the best equipment that enable them to stay connected and work safely, while protecting and managing all their business information.


How to choose a professional computer? Basics Tips!

• Ease of deployment, use and maintenance to keep the time in installations, configurations and / or customizations.
• Tool control, monitoring and management for non-stop business operations.
• Data security, password management and access control, privacy and disaster recovery. Information is the most important asset and if you leave the workplace, it becomes vulnerable.
• Ease of connectivity, network management, to be seamlessly connected through the network or wireless.
• Business collaboration tools that help increase revenue.
• Support and maintenance.
• Job easier sharing that helps to keep in touch with the needs of customers, suppliers and partners.
• Screens that prevent eyestrain to work long hours or low light environments.
• Online collaboration tools.
• Durability and resistance before and unexpected bumps, drops or liquid spills.
• Quick response on and executing processes.

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