HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT Ultrabook: Complete Review & Specs

The HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT is a high-end ultrabook that Sold for 999 euros, it is tough, powerful, just enough, and pleasant to use, damage the screen does not offer a better definition and the audio kit, rendering more defined.

HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT

Well finished, enduring the ultrabook SpectreXT PC is a fine performance. Too bad the sound is a bit messy and low resolution screen.

The promise

HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT

Unveiled in Shanghai, announced in June 2012 and ultimately delayed the HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT is finally showing. This 13.3-inch screen ultrabook premium replaces the Folio 13, which itself remains on the pro segment (for now). Improved and fine finishes rigor, ultrathin PC embeds the latest Intel components fashion unlike the Envy Ultrabook 4 and 6 the Envy.


After the Folio 13 is what HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT ultraportable 13.3-inch screen that represents the top end of the ultra mobility at HP. The successful finish of the machine mixes brushed aluminium on top and rubber material on the bottom. Display closed shoes including the thickness of the machine are 2.1 cm and its weight not exceeding 1.41 kg. Along the sides of the machine, HP ups a rich connectivity: two USB ports (one USB 2 USB and 3), a Gigabit Ethernet jack, an HDMI video output, a combined stereo output / microphone input and a memory card reader. Outwardly, nothing to say, HP has done a good job. Other pleasant surprises, the separate keypad (chiclet) backlit is very fun to use and the touchpad offers good sensations. For the moment, this is a no-fault.

HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT
Screen and audio withdrawal

The 13.3-inch screen of HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT has a glossy display a definition of 1366 points 768. A fair bit for a premium ultrabook, especially the Samsung Series 9 and Zenbook UX31A offer higher definition. In addition, the overall quality of the slab is good but a bit tight for a machine sold 999 euros. The average brightness of 200 cd / m 2 and contrast ratio of 833:1 painfully achieved. And to top it off, the outline of the screen is glossy black plastic full! It certainly is not very thick, but the aesthetics of the machine still takes a shot. Another disappointment, Beats audio kit is not quite up to par. The four speakers announced are present, the power delivered by them is consistent but the definition of sound is not it, to go. Next songs, small speakers tend to smooth melodies and some details not apparent as they should. However, when you connect headphones to the machine, it is possible to fine tune the sound from the Beats Audio software provided, convenient to enjoy a movie or an album in good condition.

HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT
Configuration and software offer honest

HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT configuration iz suitable for office, internet browsing and watching movies (4 hours endurance). In addition, HP is also focusing on photo editing and video editing. The manufacturer provides the software Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere to edit the images or create small movies of your vacation. Genuine conductor, low consumption processor Intel Core i5-3317U (1.7 GHz on each of its two cores) is powerful and is supported by 4 GB of memory to perform all calculations. With its graphics controller (Intel HD 4000), it also ensures a general posting on the 13.3-inch panel, but it is not powerful enough for recent games. Storage of applications and data is a Module 128GB SSD mSATA format. The machine is very fast, starts and exits standby Windows 7 is faster, but storing large amounts of data is not possible. To protect the machine and your precious files, HP offers two year subscription to Norton Internet Security 2012.


Good endurance, ventilation muzzle

At rest, the HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT machine consumes 10.8 watts and high activity, 41.5 watts. Ventilation, it is quiet when you’re just word processing or web browsing (32.3 dB). However, it sounds sometimes for no reason and discretion will be stored in the closet. Worse, when you get a movie or do some retouching, noise exceeding 43 dB too loud! In addition, mercury can rise quickly in the machine (47.7 ° C) as soon as you apply too much components. A small footprint and a reduced thickness have not only advantages.

The verdict

Comes with a carrying pouch for adapter and soft storage case the HP ENVY 13 SpectreXT ultrabook which is a dog. Enduring and powerful, it is pleasant to use but sometimes too much noise. Its screen is just a bit (both in quality and resolution) and the audio quality is not conclusive. However, this ultrabook is part of the ten best currently available on the market.


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