HP Envy 23, Envy 20, Spectre ONE and Pavilion 20 AIO: Specs & Features

HP has announced the expansion of the model range by announcing four new All-in-One PX, consumer computers available in various series.

HP Envy 23, Envy 20, Spectre ONE and Pavilion 20 AIO
These new announced HP AIO includes HP ENVY 23 and HP ENVY 20 AIO that are designed to be shared with the operating system Microsoft Windows 8. They support technology HP TouchSmart, which permitted the use of the devices touch screen that can recognize up to 10 simultaneous touches. Detailed technical characteristics of new products are not announced. We only know that they use the latest processors Intel, hard drives up to 3 TB, and as an option available to the ability to install a small solid state drive capacity to take advantage of technology ExpressCache. Are also available Beats Audio sound system and webcam HP TrueVision HD. The model HP ENVY 23 is using 23-inch display, and the HP ENVY 20 is using 20-inch display. In both cases, the support Full HD image resolution.

HP Envy 23, Envy 20, Spectre ONE and Pavilion 20 AIO

Moreover, another HP AIO belongs to HP Spectre family. The device is the first HP Spectre ONE monoblock computer available in the premium. This new product is made in a thin stylish body (11.5 mm thickness of the device), and comes with a 23.6-inch display with Full HD resolution. In this HP Spectre ONE case, the new processors Intel, NVIDIA discrete graphics with 1 GB of memory, an optional solid-state drive with support ExpressCache or the optional high-capacity solid-state drive. Also available are two-port USB 2.0, two ports USB 3.0, webcam HP TrueVision HD, speaker Beats Audio, Input HDMI. Among other things, declared support for NFC to communicate with smartphones, such as the exchange of information or authorization. The package includes a full version candybar software package Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10, 2-year subscription to anti-virus package Norton Internet Security. In addition, users can take advantage of the 90-day access to the service HP SmartFriend Services. Additionally reported that the package includes a wireless trackpad new item to support multi-touch, designed for HP Spectre ONE which would simplify the work environment of Windows 8.

HP Envy 23, Envy 20, Spectre ONE and Pavilion 20 AIO

The last AIO is Monoblock PC HP Pavilion 20 which will be the productive compact solution designed to perform daily tasks. Detailed specifications of this device are not announced. We only know that it contains a 20-inch display with Full HD resolution and a webcam HP TrueVision HD.

It is expected that one-piece HP ENVY 23, ENVY 20 will go on sale in October for a suggested retail price starting configuration of $ 1,000 and $ 800, respectively. HP Spectre ONE model will be available to interested buyers in November for a suggested retail price of $ 1,300. Device HP Pavilion 20 will be available in October for the starting configuration of $ 450.

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