HP Envy 4 Ultrabook: Complete Review & Specs

The concept of ultrabooks, Intel laid the idea of creating a thin and light, but in the performance of the laptop. Speaking of that computer, we usually mean the 13-inch model with a slim profile. However, today, in the arsenal of some manufacturers that made the appearance of 14 – and 15-inch ultrabooks, in the eyes of consumers is a bit strange. In order to test whether such models are claimed to follow Intel ideology we brought to you the complete review of 14-inch ultrabook HP Envy 4.


HP Envy 4

From the design it looks HP Envy 4 in their faith in a younger audience. Laptop in black with red bottom part, all in the style of the brand Beats, whose logo is applied to the speaker grille. Hard to say what caused the company to use this color.

HP Envy 4 with beats Audio
Possible, so wanted to emphasize the musical direction of HP Envy 4 and cooperation with the Beats, or just tired of HP constant comparison with Apple laptops.
In any case since the model look interesting, and definitely will stand out, standing on the same shelf with competitors. If we talk about the concept of design of HP Envy 4, it is consistent with other ultrabook of HP.


This is one style with a number of recognizable elements, for example, the display hinges special form that affect the geometry of the body. In HP claim that the design of new ultrabooks aims to achieve minimalism, but when it comes right before the company can do it with varying success.
Durability and construction

Creating HP Envy 4 is not stingy with the materials of the body, they are mainly qualitative. Conditionally this ultrabook can be divided into two parts, the upper, which is aluminium, painted black, and the bottom, a plastic Soft-touch red soft-touch coating.
If the aluminium is clear, though it scratched, but it has little effect on the appearance of the device, how to behave over time, soft-touch coating is hard to say. Despite the fact that aluminium is finished, only the upper part of the ultrabook, and the basis of the case, after all, uses a lot of plastic, it had no impact on its stiffness.
When folded, HP Envy 4 is strong enough to withstand a trip on the subway at rush hour, or survive the fall from the table. On the face of shaky lid, which, moreover, well bent, has a very strong joints. The strength of the cover is enough for everyday use, but if you accidentally step on a laptop, it will not stand. However, this is not a test that successfully passes most affordable models on the market.
As I wrote above, the materials of the body in HP Envy 4 are chosen well, scratch the aluminium and soft-touch coating is difficult. The working surface is also made of aluminium, respectively, with prolonged use, ultrabook, it will not be overwritten so much like plastic.
Keyboard of HP Envy 4 is made from high quality matte black plastic, with the active use of it over time is sure to be polished by contact with fingers, but it obviously will take a few years. So, in general, the keyboard will be for a long time kept packaging.

In general, it should be noted that the engineers at HP have worked well, and the biggest problem of the body of Envy 4 is dust and dirt, which is clearly visible in the black.


The HP Envy 4 is positioned as a musical youth ultrabook. Perhaps someone in the company decided to take up music to young people and display quality is not as important.
Thus, HP Envy 4 received a 14-inch screen with a matrix TN + Film and a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Add to this more limited viewing angles and high-gloss finish, and the result is an average display.
But, in fact, you can get used to it. If you work with HP Envy 4 indoor acceptable angle which will be comfortable to look at the screen to pick up quite not difficult. But on the street with this ultrabook is better not to go. And, accordingly, for designers and photographers, it will not fit.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Traditionally, the new ultrabook of HP has not disappointed me with its keyboard and touchpad. The company began to pay more attention to the kit, and everyone who is gaining a lot of texts should appreciate it. HP Envy 4 keyboard is in island type with well spaced keys and a clear course that lasts only as much as is needed for a comfortable blind dialing.
The very traditional layout for the latest models of HP and it’s not hard to get used to. The only flaw in the keyboard – is the lack of light, it sometimes is not enough, and HP, in fact, save money on the little things to clean it. On the keyboard, even a separate blank button to illuminate, and, apparently, in select markets, it will still be available.
Synaptics touchpad in HP Envy 4 is still one of the best in its class, so that working can completely do without a mouse.

During operation, the touchpad is easy to find even in the dark, it is highlighted in the body a slight indentation.
Ports and connectors

HP Envy 4

Since HP Envy 4 Corps have relatively large, it was possible to place HP engineers rare for ultrabooks ports and connectors. It is worth noting that all of them brought to the cabinet side, while the rear and the front part are still free.
So, on the left side of HP Envy 4 is Gigabit connector Ethernet, HDMI, two ports USB (2.0 and 3.0) and SD, MMC card reader, located immediately lights activity.
On the right side you can find ultrabook socket for the charger, a USB 3.0 port with the ability to charge devices when the laptop lid is closed, and the headphone jack in and out for a microphone.

The HP Envy 4 is positioned as a music ultrabook with all its consequences. I can only say that for the most part this is true. This particularly applies to external speakers of Envy 4, they give out a loud clear sound for both built-in “tweeters”, and it will be perfect for listening to music in a small room.

As for the audio, we need to be stupefied by super technology Beats and the like, but in fact, the latter is a software suite, in fact, an equalizer, with which you can achieve certain effects. Interesting and amusing, but nothing is outstanding. If you connect 4 good headphones and turn off the Beats, laptop anyway will produce great sound.

Dimensions and weight

When we first met with HP Envy 4 can think before you regular laptop. However, the first glance profile reveals the fact that the model is really thin, like the 14-inch. At its thickest point its thickness is 2cm; this is certainly not a record, but a very good indicator.
True, we should note that for the sake of a relatively thin shell in HP decided to abandon the internal DVD-drive. However, it has now been almost no demand. And for those who feel a sense of nostalgia in HP have provided an external USB-drive, which is sold separately and comes with a top-end version of the HP Envy 4.
Weight of HP Envy 4 is only 1.8 kg, which is very good. With the size of 340x236x20 mm, Envy 4 is still mobile solution and comfortable to use in trains or just commuting to work.

Operation and autonomy

HP Envy 4

At this point in the market are several modifications of HP Envy 4 are available and one of them has CPU Intel Core i5 1,7 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD for the system hard drive to 500 GB, as well as integrated graphics Intel HD 4000. All this was more than enough for comfortable operation. In game HP Envy 4 does not play, I have successfully run on the first ultrabook Portal on the highest setting, I think, on the average or minimum settings would go and more modern games. In general, if you use the HP Envy 4 to work with the Internet, documents and mail, it almost did not get hot. But if you edit video or photos, heat will be felt.

With an average load, battery lasts for four 5 to 5 hours in HP Envy 4, which is a good result. Once we were talking about autonomy, we should mention the bundled charger. The word “ultrabook” is taken to imply a thin and light laptop, but for some reason, few people think that the charger for it too must be “ultra”.


All the benefits of HP Envy 4, weight negates its complete charger, which, it seems like the company took on the 17-inch model.

Briefly summarize my experience with HP Envy 4, and then I remembered this ultrabook TN + Film glossy display and a great charger and excellent build, good materials and high-quality housing with a loud sound. Here such it is ambiguous. However, if you do the sound design and the quality of the display is more important, then the HP Envy 4 is really worth a look.

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