HP Envy 6 Ultrabook is very tough and very affordable: Review & Specs

The world is constantly evolving ultrabook and manufacturers are manufacturing more and more freedom. After Acer TimeLine and G M3, HP is come out with HP Envy Ultrabook series and one of them is HP Envy 6 Ultrabook which is slim 15.6-inches laptop. Today, I have brought the review and specs of HP Envy 6-1070sf Ultrabook.

HP Envy 6 1070sf Ultrabook


In May 2012, in Shanghai, HP showed us ultrabooks Envy 6-1070sf 15.6 inch format. Surprising from the U.S. following its competitor and Acer Aspire Timeline’s U M3 is pretty good. However, on comparison, the HP Envy 6-1070sf is not the same ilk as its competitor. No dedicated graphics processor, not trendy and some weaknesses in the side of the keyboard. However, from reading the data sheet sent by HP model, one quickly realizes that we are facing an ultrabook in large format, sold for 799 euros (200 fewer than the 13.3-inch models) and could surprise us in some ways.


HP Envy 6 1070sf Ultrabook

The ultrabook HP Envy 6 treats its finish. This machine mixes the 15.6-inch brushed aluminium and black plastic dark red soft touch. HP deftly juggles with indications of congestion imposed by Intel. It has a thickness of 2.2 cm and the needle of the scale shows 1.98 per kilo, this is the limit!


However, the brand stands for components required by the processor manufacturer. Therefore HP chose the Core i3-2367M Intel processor dual core (1.4 GHz) low consumption that meets the requirements of office tasks, Internet and multimedia. It is backed by 4GB of memory shared with the graphics controller processor. We would have appreciated that HP is not confined to a definition of 1366 x 768 pixels on this machine. Why not put in this last value with a + HD panel (1600 x 900 pixels)?

Fully framed with a thin shiny plastic, the screen lacks brightness (180 cd / m 2 ) but is really very mixed (1800 : 1). Clearly, blacks are very deep but the colour rendition lacks warmth. DVD burner (optical drive) is conspicuously absent from this frame. HP Envy 6 Ultrabook comes with a multiformat card reader instead, little consolation.


With its 128 GB SSD (in mSata), the HP Envy 6 reveals a great reactivity. However, for a big machine like this, we would have appreciated a little more storage space. Therefore, it must use the USB ports 2 and 3 of the machine and external hard drives to store data.

If the equipment is a bit bulky, it proves enduring enough to accompany you on a journey. Screen maximum and Wi-Fi connected, it takes just over six hours of video playback on battery! This is explained by the relatively low brightness of the slab and the consumption of the machine that does not exceed 9 watts at idle (41 watts under heavy load). The machine also pleasantly surprised by its low noise: 30.9 dB 34.9 dB at rest and at full speed.

A keyboard too synthetic

The keyboard has a plastic unpleasant feel, typing comfort is not really with go and – most importantly – it has no numeric keypad. Damage to a large 15.6 inches!

The touchpad, meanwhile, is wide and has a metal surface slightly raised pleasant to use with your fingertips. It allows to execute commands on several fingers (rotate, scroll, etc..). It is also possible to deactivate a touch of the upper left corner to avoid false manipulations.

The verdict

This large HP ultrabook, it offers a pretty standard configuration and a very comfortable endurance of six hours. However, weight of two pounds and has a footprint of 15.6 inch PC does not intend, at first, to accompany you wherever you go. Priced at 799 euros and available immediately, it is advantageously replace a desktop PC unsightly but is limited to the most common tasks and do not have all the equipment one would expect from a ultrabook and even less of a 15.6-inch laptop. Like the Dell XPS 14, the Envy 6 is a machine straddles two worlds. Now you can decide after our review, that you should go with HP Envy 6 Ultrabook or not.

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