HP Spectre Pro XT Ultrabook releasing late August: Small overview and Specs

HP just made official announcement of release date of its next Ultrabook HP Spectre Pro XT, apparently hit the market on 28 August, i.e. less than a month from now.

HP Spectre Pro XT

This is a premium model perfect for the demanding professional, combining power with the new generation of processors Intel Ivy Bridge, the quality of materials common in the company, Windows 7 Professional and a 13.3 inch HD resolution offered balance in terms of productivity, mobility and autonomy in HP Spectre Pro XT Ultrabook.

Another highlight of this HP Spectre Pro XT Ultrabook is the native security, key in the segment to be targeted. To do this, and in addition to HP technology, added TPM chip for data protection, security cable slot, Identity Protection system (Intel IPT) or anti-theft technology hardware Intel Anti-Theft.

HP Spectre Pro XT Ultrabook connectivity is as complete as we can expect from a premium HP offers Ethernet, Wi-Fi, HDMI and multiple USB ports (3.0 and 2.0) among others.

HP Spectre Pro XT

The base model HP Spectre Pro XT Ultrabook Spectre is offered at a price of $ 999 (content for what it offers) and includes an Intel Core i5-3317U, graphics HD 4000 Graphics, 4 Gbytes of DDR3 RAM and an SSD of 128 Gbytes.

For the professional who needs more power, HP offers an optional Core i7-3667U and a 256 GB SSD, will be available for purchase on August 28.

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