HP Spectre XT Pro Ultrabook: Complete Review & Specs

Recently, HP has revealed its professional class ultrabook named HP Spectre XT Pro, which is the Pro version of Spectre XT. This new ultrabook is one of the best designed HP ultrabook, and today we get the chance to bring the complete review of this ultrabook which will guide you through its pros and cons.

HP Spectre XT Pro

Technical Specs of HP Spectre XT Pro:

• Manufacturer : HP
• Model : SPECTRE XT Pro
• Processor : Intel Core i5-3317U 1.7-GHz 3 MB L3 cache, 2 cores
• Chipset : Mobile Intel ® HM76 Express.
• Memory : 4 GB 1600 MHz SDRAM DDR3L.
• Storage : Solid State Drive 128 GB.
• Display : 13.3-inch 1366 x 768.
• Graphics : Intel HD 4000.
• Webcam 1.3 megapixels.
• Keyboard backlight.
• WiFi 802.11b/g/n (2 × 2)
• Ports : 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 headphone jack and micro combined stereo, 1 RJ-45, 1 HDMI and 1 AC, SD slot
• Battery life: up to 8 hours of battery life.
• Weight : From 1.42 kg
• Dimensions : 31.65 x 22.45 x 1.47 cm.
• Security Chip TPM 1.2
• Audio: HP Beats Audio
• Price : From 1127 euros (VAT included)
Certainly the design of this HP Spectre XT Pro laptop is outstanding and it has nothing to envy to the MacBook Air. The new Spectre is manufactured with all-metal chassis with a nice polished feel and the HP logo engraved on top. The details are everywhere, as the rounded edges, a special coating on the bottom that gives a softer feel and warm.

HP Spectre XT Pro
At the bottom were used several vents in different formats to cool the notebook as discreetly as possible. In the section of the connectors have also been careful details such as the Ethernet connection is opened to preserve the thickness of less than 15 mm (thinner than the MacBook Air, of course) without additional adapter.


When you open the HP Spectre XT Pro find further details. The generous keyboard is backlit, allowing computer to use even in low light conditions. It is an important option for such presentations. The design of the back, near the hinges of the screen has risen to give an angle to the speaker area Beats designed for improving the sound reproduction.


On the sides of HP Spectre XT Pro are the connections with that for the Ethernet, HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, SD slot and headphone connection or microphone only. HP Designers have released the rear connector. LEDs indicating the status of the computer (load, battery operation …) are on the right.


Display and Audio of HP Spectre XT Pro:

The HP Spectre XT Pro has a LED backlit display with HP BrightView technology that offers up to 1366 x 768 dots resolution, normally in notebooks of this size. This technology is achieved by an image with high brightness and contrast. Sometimes reflections can be annoying if you use your computer on the outside, but it only happens with certain angles and generally not annoying and is a minor sacrifice to achieve the above contrast.



Both tests in video playback and in games of the screen of HP Spectre XT Pro have been shown more than enough talent to deliver vivid colors and good contrast. In use for office applications find both graphics and text as crisp, sharp and sufficient.


The audio section is one of the workhorses of HP through its partnership with Beats. Tested all kinds of music and movies of various genres and the quality is comparable to some small speakers. The bass response is surprising for a speaker system for obvious reasons of space cannot incorporate a subwoofer.


To deliver sound quality combines two speakers in the front and two at the bottom of HP Spectre XT Pro. That makes for better sound is desirable to have the laptop on a solid surface against the possibility of holding the computer on your lap or on cloth or cushions.
In the section of tests processor performance to HP Spectre XT Pro placed on top of the performance table of ultrabooks of similar size and weight characteristics. Even in 3D, without being a team capable of great shows with games in graphics intensive, but gives acceptable results even though it has an integrated graphics (Intel HD 4000).


Clearly has paid special attention to speed boot and recovery from hibernation and suspension. With Windows 7 startup occurred on average in about 17 seconds while the recovery of hibernation was conducted in four and in the case of the suspension did not come within three seconds. It is clear that HP is very clear that the business customer has no time to lose.
With respect to the battery HP Spectre XT Pro smoothly reaches six hours with processor intensive use and wireless connections. Note that is spatially sensitive brightness and WiFi connection, so it disengages and lower the screen brightness can allow considerable autonomy increased (nearly 20%) for applications like video playback in situations which need not be connected.
Noise and temperature

In a computer design and features of Spectre Pro XT there are details that can ruin the whole. Excessive noise from the speakers or overheating may be elements that discourage the purchase. In this case, HP engineers have also been applied to fund these details do not detract from the great looking laptop.
The cooling benefits, as mentioned, the different ventilation slots are provided on the bottom of the computer. It also helps the chassis and the metal casing of the computer, which allows heat to dissipate over a larger area. That makes the temperature reached by the HP Spectre XT Pro, even after hours of heavy use, not upset at any time, even placing the computer on your lap.
The design efficiency of heat dissipation is also in a low noise level, since the fans are responsible for the sound which the computer can issue. HP Spectre XT Pro for the fan noise is quite low and does not become annoying in no time; especially if we keep it free as possible the vents to keep the fans will be in operation or having to do it at high revolutions.

Keyboard and touchpad of HP Spectre XT Pro:


The HP Spectre XT Pro offers a full chiclet keyboard design with a low profile so as not to contribute to the increased size of the device. The key spacing is very generous which minimizes potential errors. Touch is very good, with a nice touch response. An interesting detail is that HP has decided that on top reverse the use made of the function keys.
According to research company users use less traditional function keys (F1, F5 …) that its alternative use as control screen brightness, WiFi on or off. Thus in HP Spectre XT Pro keys activate top control options listed notebook features default while to activate the function key need to press the Fn key simultaneously (less active F1 both aid). After a brief period of adjustment the truth is that we love the idea.


The ClickPad or touchpad has seemed very accurate and easy to use in HP Spectre XT Pro. It has the functions of rotation, zooming and other press that increase the versatility of the device. If the touchpad hinders us, for example, long writing sessions with the keyboard, you can disable by clicking on the top left.


Conclusion for HP Spectre XT Pro:

The first thing to note is the elegance of Spectre Pro XT. Definitely Meg Whitman can be fully satisfied with the work done by designers. So the initial impression is very good, but the second impression is very good also. All elements have been designed to provide an excellent tool for the professional user without giving outstanding design.
Among the very few things to improve are perhaps the screen glare and certainly also another USB port would have been quite useful. But the truth is that the set of Spectre certainly makes one of the best performing professional ultrabooks and market design.

This was all regarding one of the good designed and performing ultrabook i.e. HP Spectre XT Pro, stay tuned for more.

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