HP Touch to Pair, the first mouse with Bluetooth + NFC

The company HP has just announced a new peripheral that adds to the NFC trend and greatly facilitates pairing with devices that integrate this connectivity; in this case we are talking about HP Touch to Pair.

HP Touch to Pair

HP Touch to Pair is the new name of the new mouse that the company presents to the market and if not the first, it is one of the first to integrate NFC. The mouse works on Bluetooth and uses NFC for pairing system faster. With just wipe the NFC area of a smartphone / tablet / PC peripheral starts running automatically.

This was just a small recap of the announced NFC HP mouse which will bring a new change in the era of mouse, let’s wait and watch what will be the response from people. Moreover, HP Touch to Pair will arrive in this November at a price of $ 39.99.

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