HP will not release ARM-tablets running on Windows RT

Long time has been passed and no news came that the tablets running on Windows RT will be launched. Just ASUS has announced one tablet running on Windows RT- Tablet 600. In addition, if we talk about HTC, it will also not produce such products in the first wave of Windows RT devices. But if the Taiwanese manufacturer is not particularly active in the market of tablets, and HP is one those companies who have launched one of the first tablet based on Windows 7, but HP has refused to release such a product with Windows RT on board.

HP Windows RT Tablet


This information resource is reported on Bloomberg. As soon as any assumption that the reason for this decision was the announcement of Microsoft’s own line of tablets – Surface, HP has denied the speculation that they will not launch any Windows RT running tablet.

In particular, the HP representative commented to journalists of The Verge as follows:

Our first Windows 8 tablet will be built on the x86 platform and focused on the corporate sector. We made this decision based on the response of our own clients. A strong and well-established ecosystem of x86-based applications provides the most convenient experience [in the corporate environment] in the current time in the near future.

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