HTC and NASA sent into space smartphone Nexus One

As part of the construction of low-cost miniature satellites CubeSats, designed to teach students, and launched into outer space as an option at the time of launching large spacecraft, NASA satellite will orbit the smartphone Nexus One on board.

HTC Nexus One into the space

It is reported that the device was subjected to a variety of test and stress conditions, including high-altitude test launches. Nexus One carried out on board of the satellite is not known, but, according to representatives of HTC, modern smartphone has all the necessary equipment to operate the spacecraft: a powerful processor, a system of sensors, multi-band radios, flexible operating system.

HTC Nexus One into the space
As is known, the computational power of modern smartphones is far superior used in NASA board computers built on the technical basis of 90-ies of the last century. However, the main focus in the design of the spacecraft is, after all, the reliability and duplication of functions, and not on performance.

The exact launch date of the satellite on board the Nexus One is not yet named.

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