HTC Desire C Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

The smartphone HTC Desire C is the low end of the last line of Android devices. HTC has put this smartphone on the market, although I anticipate that this smart phone has plenty to offer.

Desire C

Technical Specs of HTC Desire C:

Manufacturer: HTC
Model: Desire C
Processor: Qualcomm single-core 600 MHz
Memory: 512Mbytes RAM, 1 GB ROM.
Storage: 4 GB internal + microSD.
Display: 3.5-inch 480 × 320.
Connections: microUSB, Wi-Fi N, BT, GPS, HSPA and NFC *.
Battery: 230 mAh.
Size: 107.2 x 60.6 x 11.95 mm.
Weight: 98 g.
To summarize we tell you that HTC Desire C is a small smartphone with a 3.5 inch screen (QVGA 480 × 320 pixels) working on the interface HTC Sense 4 and Ice Cream Sandwich Android.

The first point to make clear that it is an entry-level smartphone. That fact combined with the use of SoC Snapdragon Qualcomm MSM7225A, 600 MHz GPU single-core with Adreno 200 leaves no doubts about which sector is addressed. This is not a smartphone for gamers and enthusiast users but rather to an average user or new to Android.

One aspect that has cared HTC is using 512 MBytes of RAM which allows the system to HTC Sense on ICS works loose despite doing on a chip-only 600 MHz is curious to recall that the first Android smartphones to work 384 MHz.

Desire C

HTC Desire C is a very small smartphone, you can even forgot it if you will keep you this in your pocket. It has a good quality finish feeling gummy which covers the sides and back cover of the smartphone. Its measurements are: 107.2 x 60.6 x 11.95 mm and weighing less than 100 grams with battery, SIM and microSD card integrated.

We should note that there is model with NFC and non-NFC standard budding short-distance wireless connectivity and that could be the basis for a micropayment system. The smartphone has microUSB connector mounted on the side and is noted on the reverse-collaboration with Dr.Dre Beats Audio. This time this functionality is not noticed as much as the larger models, Desire X and HTC One S and One X.

Inside the retail box, really compact size, we find the smartphone, battery, microUSB cable, power adapter – USB, headphones / hands-free with great audio quality and a quick guide.
HTC has integrated HTC Sense in HTC Desire C as visual layer offers a typically release ring with shortcuts to the camera, phone, sms and email. Sense 4 offers a number of custom widgets such as the typical time clock or power strips, graphic quality brings the same value to the end user experience.

HTC Desire C

The HTC Desire C software kit comes with extra software natively is pretty well solved without annoying operator customizations and useful software like time, Polaris Office, SoundHound, the full kit Google Apps plus access to thousands of apps via Play Store.

The experience is pleasant guide for users who constantly boast of multitasking as we are quite limited by hardware, the smartphone starts to go slow when you have several applications open and that is something that could become annoying.

As extras multimedia smartphone integrates FM radio with RDS, MP3 and video player with Beats Audio enhancement, although this improvement in this HTC Desire C model is questionable at least in the unit used since the difference is negligible or volume-amplification-or EQ.

If we talk about the camera of HTC Desire C, it integrates a 5 megapixel camera with recordable also VGA video, obviously we are skimming the edge of the CPU at that size and you cannot demand more. At this point we emphasize that the camera takes quality photos as long as we are in well-lit environments, to make matters worse because no flash that helps in other situations.

As a bonus, HTC integrates the same set of filters that picture allowing higher models, offer a range of effects such instagram to our real-time catches.

HTC Desire C

This HTC Desire C smartphone is small in size and has a battery according of 1230 mAh which gives a range of about one day of normal use, we could stretch by day and a half if use is lower, but nothing to hold two days with your smartphone on.



HTC Desire C is a smartphone that has the focus to new users or those who need a smartphone as a second phone.

+The size and weight, it does not seem to carry over
+ Ice Cream Sandwich
+Capacity expandable via microSD
+Pack of integrated apps, very clean system

-The SoC falls somewhat short to handle multiple apps simultaneously
-Integrated No Flash for photos
-The resolution of the screen
-We miss a better effect of Beats Audio

This was all regarding the HTC Desire C smartphone.

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