HTC One Mini has lot to offer

There is a new trend in the Smartphone market. Every manufacturer is trying to bring a mini version of their Smartphones. Make a same look as like the Smartphone but cut down on some of the specification to cut down the price is becoming a general rule. Like the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini last year and the Galaxy S4 Mini this year, HTC is also bringing HTC One Mini is the market soon. This new device may be called as mini but in no way they are mini in nature. The screen size is still close to 4.3 inches which is bigger than the screen size of iPhone 5.

HTC One Mini Specs

Most reports suggest that the HTC One mini will have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as its operating system. Few were quoted of running Android 4.2.2.OS.

It is expected that the HTC phone will sport the dual-core processor. The dual-core processor will likely to come with 1.4 GHz processing speed. There could be a chance that by the time of the release the Taiwanese firm would decide to sport the mini version with quad-code processor.

Several sources quoted that the memory of the mini would be 2GB and may not sport with expected 4GB of RAM. The internal storage would be around 16GB.

It is expected that the HTC screen resolution will be at 720p which may not be very fascinating as like the full HD. However the screen size on the One mini at 4.3 inch is definitely noticeable feature.

HTC One Mini phone will be an Android smartphone


Everyone is expecting HTC to bring the Ultrapixel camera on the mini version and also bring the low-light performance. However HTC may decide to stick to the conventional megapixel camera. HTC is likely to bring the front facing camera.

Making very few changes with the HTC One, the mini would likely to hold the same metallic chassis which would be the major selling points over its rival.

HTC One Mini release date and price

As per Bloomberg the tentative release date of the new HTC mini smartphone is August this year. The reports also suggest that it will be released around the same time as the Galaxy S4 mini. There is no planned HTC event where the firm will announce the possible release of its new phone. But there is likely that the announcement could come in the IFA 2013 event in Berlin.

The price of the HTC new mini phone is expected to be on the higher side as compared to its counter parts.

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