HTC One XL Smartphone Review and Features

HTC One XL smartphone incorporates the main features of the high-end smartphone One X. Only difference with the One X: a Qualcomm processor (against Nvidia Tegra 3) and compatibility with the mobile network Dual Carrier (42 Mbit / s) and 4G being deployed.


To be compatible with the 4G mobile networks and 42 Mbit / s, the HTC One XL has swapped the processor Tegra 3 One X against a Qualcomm Snapdragon.

HTC just introduced the new version of the famous One X, HTC One XL compatible with high-speed networks, 3G to 42 Mbit / s (Dual Carrier) to 4G announced for late November.

Already available in the United States for several months, this new smartphone from Taiwanese manufacturer retains most of the features of the old model, such as a large 4.7-inch screen, an internal memory of 32 GB or 8 megapixel sensor. Only the processor is different. Not compatible at the moment with 4G networks, the Tegra 3 quad-core Nvidia was traded against a Snapdragon S4, the last double core Qualcomm.


HTC One XL is already marketed different vendors on different contracts, with contracts it almost cost 100 euros but without subscription, the device costs 720 euros.

+Equipment upscale
+4.7-inch widescreen
+Snapdragon S4
+Compatibility with 3G and 4G networks 42 Mbit / s

-High price

This was all about the HTC One XL Android smartphone with 4G capabilities.

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