HTC phablet Response to Galaxy Note II

References become an HTC device in the style of Samsung’s Galaxy Note screen larger than 5 inches.

The great success of Samsung’s Note and the spectacular second version that will go on sale in October, will increase the interest in these devices ‘phablet’, or what is the same, a giant-sized smartphone with features tablet. So it would be first HTC phablet.

HTC phablet

The HTC 6435LVW Note would become the company’s Taiwanese model 5-inch multi-touch screen and a resolution of 1794 x 1080 unknown pixels.

This HTC phablet would be using a next-generation SoC processor quad core at 1.5 GHz and the usual connectivity. We see in the pictures a stylus as the S-Pen of the Samsung Note, in addition to its strong point hardware design and spectacular.

We will wait for confirmation. Such new devices could help restore market of HTC after tepid sales in recent quarters. And is that Samsung has surpassed Nokia in total mobile Apple in smartphones and the competition that comes with Android. So, let’s wait and watch what would be special in HTC phablet.

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