HTC prepares 5-inch giant smartphone: Specs & Features

Industry sources in Taiwan report that in September-October, launch of a new HTC smartphone with 5-inch screen. So, it could be the alarm for Samsung Galaxy Note.

HTC 5inches smartphone

HTC would follow the trend of the market that will succumb to Apple’s iPhone 5, increasing the screen size of smartphones, and overcoming the barrier of 5 inches.

One size personally we already excessive (mini-tablet) to a mobile, but that seems to attract the consumer if we see sales of models such as the Galaxy Note and the second version that Samsung will market next month and will be even more large, with a whopping 5.5 inches.

Against this model would be the version of HTC 5inches smartphone for indicating a resolution of 1794 by 1080 pixels and few specifications except the usual operating system Android.

This model would be different at HTC One X + we presented you earlier article, if not known as Samsung’s Note-focused would use with styluses. This HTC 5inches smartphone would be bang in the market.

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