HTC Proto, midrange Android smartphone: Specs & Features

Several manufacturers are introducing smartphone in midrange, very interesting for the consumer to have a more moderate size and price that the top model and strong enough. One such model is the HTC Proto, sighted by IFA which would be presented. In last week of august we will have full specs and features about this new mid range smartphone i.e. HTC Proto.

HTC Proto

At present, only a few specs about this HTC Proto smartphone has been revealed, like it is featuring a 4-inch WVGA display, whose resolution is unknown at present, but its resolution will be atleast 854 x 480 pixels. There is good news about this midrange Android smartphone that it would be powered with dual-core processor 1 GHz Qualcomm and just 9.6 millimetres thick. A 5 megapixel camera with Android would complete specifications, we assume ICS, and later HTC will launch the Jelly bean update but at present there is no such information regarding this 4inches ICS Android smartphone.

Everyone can not afford a Galaxy S III or an iPhone 5. Neither everyone needs them. To see whether they encourage manufacturers to launch this type of models, more than enough for basic usage and without having to strive.

This was all regarding the upcoming ICS 4inches HTC Proto smartphone which would be presented at IFA in next week so stay tuned for more updates regarding this phone.

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