HTC to launch new phone with GDR3 update

Windows GDR3 update

Windows General Distribution Release 3 (GDR3) update is expected to be available sometimes later this year. We will see all new Windows improved phones to get launched around the same time. In GDR3 Microsoft is going to update Windows Phone 8 to support devices with 1080p screens and support quad-core ARM chips as well. HTC is reportedly working on a Windows Phone 8 device which will take advantage of the new release.

What HTC has to offer with GDR3?

The new HTC handset will have a display at around 4 to 5 inches. It is understood that the Windows general distribution release will support devices with 5-inch screens and larger. HTC has earlier plans of brining big size handset, but omitted the idea and now working on the new plan. The GDR3 from Microsoft will support the new ARM chips from Qualcomm as well. Windows phone had never supported the quad-code processor and this the first time it will do so.

HTC Windows 8 Phone


The new Microsoft guidelines won’t allow the devices to exceed the screen resolution beyond 1280x 720. HTC hence is planning to stick the 1080p resolution handset. The new HTC device would be very similar to the HTC One. It will have a metal body and the GDR3 update for Windows phone. HTC One is very popular handset among the consumers and HTC would like to bring the new device with very familiar features but still makes its own identity. The new phone may well go with the same screen size of 4.7 inches as like its predecessor. HTC has developed the UltraPixel technology which we could see in its new device.

HTC launch with GDR3

The announcement of the new phone could take place this fall and may arrive sometime later this year. With the new extensive features, 1080p display and quad-code processor this will no doubt impress the consumers.

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