HTC Windows Phone 8X convinces with its effectiveness: Review & Specs

Bearer of the new mobile OS from Microsoft, HTC Windows Phone 8X passed with flying colors in most of tests, especially in photos and video. Only battery backup in surfing and video is a bit tight.

HTC Windows Phone 8X

Beautiful, delicate and powerful, the HTC 8X is a worthy representative of the new Windows phone … battery backup despite a fair bit.
The promise

Announced a few weeks ago by HTC and formalized by Microsoft on October 29, the new Windows Phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer arrives gradually at the distributors. Dubbed HTC Windows Phone 8X by HTC, the spearhead of this series works with the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile system.

Available in black or purple, HTC Windows Phone 8X features a rectangular design quite elegant, which is a reminder of vignettes dressing the main interface of Windows Phone, since version 7. It is not the thinnest or lightest smartphones – it is still slim with 10 mm thick 130 g – but its sharp edges are perfectly illusion. The grip is nice, comfortable even thanks to the coating rubbery shell. The connection of the device is limited to micro USB, a jack and a micro SIM slot. Memory of 16 GB (14.5 GB available for user storage) is not extensible. Too bad because with Windows Phone 8, card readers can now be part of the equipment. However, users may store many documents on SkyDrive (virtual space online Microsoft) and 7 GB available for free.
LCD with high definition  ready and dual-core processor

The new system is not limited to this possibility. The screen of HTC Windows Phone 8X, with its relatively large 4.3-inch diagonal, high-definition adopts a 1280 by 720 points (Windows Phone in 7.5 were limited to 800 by 480 points) for a total resolution of 342 dots per inch, more than the iPhone 5 (326 dpi). In practice, the display brightness and contrast are correct which offers good quality display, with viewing angles quite satisfactory. Unexceptional face, however the last mobile of Apple or even HTC One X. Another improvement, the Windows Phone gaining momentum. HTC Windows Phone 8X is powered by a dual processor 1.5 GHz coupled with 1 GB of RAM, the device shows great perfprmance. But the hardware is not everything. The mobile system of Microsoft, in its version 7.5 has already proven. In its latest version, it carries the thrust. The menu navigation is perfectly smooth, responsive touch interface and wish to precise and comfortable keyboard. Also fast, web browsing is provided by the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE10). If this new Windows Phone is not currently the most powerful smartphone, it does not have to be ashamed of these points against its toughest competitors.
Almost as good as the iPhone in photo and video

One of the main advantages of HTC Windows Phone 8X is its 8 megapixel sensor which is flying high. Wide-angle lens (28 mm) opening at f / 2 (rare for a smartphone) and backlight type sensor (BSI) manufacturer has not skimped on equipment for successful pictures, especially when the light comes. And that’s good because the flash is not the most efficient: almost too powerful, too far and with colors that turn blue. Without the flash, the results are quite amazing. The HTC Windows Phone 8X achieved, we believe the level of the iPhone 5 with cliches certainly a little less contrast but with excellent sharpness and natural colors. Video capture (up to 1080p) does not reach this level of perfection but still in good order. Finding rare on a smartphone, there is virtually no image distortion when shooting a moving object and the sequences are relatively fluid. The launch of the photo function is performed from the dedicated button on the side of the device, including when the phone is in standby, screen off. Parameters settings are not many but it is the main (face detection included) and the unit allows chain of phones taken fairly quickly. In contrast, no panorama mode as the HTC Titan, or burst mode. In front, the HTC Windows Phone 8X loads an ultra wide-angle webcam of 2.1 pixels capable of video calls in high quality (1080p). The service will be provided by Skype should be available soon for Windows Phone 8.


The Windows Phone 8 will now spend Zune

The major criticism against Windows phone 7.5 focused on the Zune software, the gateway to all transfers of media – horribly long and tedious! – Between the smartphone and the computer. Like all new Windows phone, the HTC Windows Phone 8X now allows fast transfer of files by simply connecting the mobile to the PC (not Mac unfortunately). For additional options – sync with iTunes per example – to download a PC software can (a Mac version is under development) but it is much less invasive and more intuitive than Zune, which remains essential for older models. Better yet, HTC Windows Phone 8X supports major formats of audio and video files, and for the latter, until (HD 1080p). The speakers deliver sound relatively loud and clear in 8X. On the other hand, HTC offers for listening to music through headphones sound improvement (with bass boost) with Beats audio settings. This option is also provided during video playback and gaming mode.
Battery Backup

HTC Windows Phone 8X definitely has something for everyone. On a good battery backup (about 13 hours), the HTC smartphone displays only a little over 4 hours on surfing 3G or 5 hours of video playback. What certainly hold the day in normal use, but these results can in no way compete with those of the smartphones market as autonomous as the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note 2 and Motorola Razr Maxx. Users who dream of a Smartphone beautiful, powerful and fully customizable not take offense probably not more than that (the iPhone 5 after all do this, too, gaps in terms of autonomy). The interface consists of dynamic thumbnails, which can now resize Windows Phone 8 to 3 sizes available – HTC Windows Phone 8X gives the opportunity to build a screen that gives pride to favorite functions.
The verdict

Price of HTC Windows Phone 8X between 500 and 550 euros depending on the sellers, which is affordable for a high-end device. The photo and video enthusiasts will be delighted by the simplification of the system but also by the quality of the sensor that delivers shots worthy of the iPhone 5. Only battery backup and surfing and video playback was a little disappointed.

This was all regarding one of the best Windows Phone 8 smartphone i.e. HTC Windows Phone 8X.

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