Huawei T8830 powerful smartphone priced at $104: Specs & Features

There was a time when you can’t even get an entry level smartphone in $100 but now conditions are changing with the new advancement in processing hardware and demand; here is one of the best examples Huawei T8830. If we talk about this case, this Huawei smartphone is powered with a dual-core processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwich importantly all just with the price tag of $104.

Huawei T8830

The hardware configuration of this Huawei T8830 pretty powerful but its price tag of $104 is more interesting, in hardware it is carrying Mediatek Mt6517 chip with dual processing cores, on the issue of memory it is boasted by 512MB of RAM. And on software view, it is carrying second recent version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

You can’t get a good camera configuration in this price, so you have to compromise with rear sensor of 3.2MP in Huawei T8830. There exists few local Chinese brands which are even ready to offer 8MP camera, Jelly Bean, dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM in just $100, Huawei T8830 is also setting an example but if this smartphone will reach outside china then it might receive pretty good sales.

No doubt with the price of $104 Huawei T8830 smartphone is interesting and powerful, stay tuned for more information regarding most affordable android smartphones.

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