IBM ZNext the world’s fastest processor: 5.5GHz

IBM has announced a significant improvement in their high-end processors for servers. In fact at the Hot Chips conference at new CPUs, zNext to 5.5 GHz and Power 7 + at 4.14 GHz. IBM has always remain in the top most list when it comes to the server and processing and by announcing these world’s fastest processors IBM has started getting more fame all around the globe.

zNext IBM processor

IBM is committed to raise the clock speed of its microprocessor family as a way to add even more power to their servers. The 5.5 GHz ranges of mainframes zNext for System Z are record in the field. In comparison, high-end Intel Xeon chip intended for servers operating at 2.4 GHz comparable.

Obviously the clock frequency is only one feature to consider in assessing the potency of these servers, as well as other price or consumption, as these zNext consume more than double the listed Intel Xeon.

In any case the new zNext processor may retain the title of ‘world’s fastest microprocessor’ with a frequency of 5.5 GHz standard, four cores, two first-level cache, 1.5 MB L2 cache per core and two additional coprocessors encryption to work. So, what we can say is IMB is going to hit the server market with the damn massive processor whose processing is still not yet revealed but with the clock frequency of zNext processor to 5.5 GHz reveal its performance before its release.

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