In September, Samsung will launch two devices with transparent display

The company Samsung has long been engaged in the development of technology to create a transparent display and achieved in this field many successes. Prototypes of such displays were repeatedly shown in various exhibitions.

Samsung UD22B

Now it became known that in the next month, Samsung intends to bring to market several devices using transparent displays. One model Samsung NL22B – is a small computer system with the cuboid case containing a 22-inch transparent display. It provides control of video and has built-in speakers.


The second model Samsung UD22B – is a system designed to create interactive walls, including several individual displays.

Samsung UD22B

This device has a diagonal of 21.6 inches screen with an aspect ratio of 1:1. The distance between two separate panels is only 5.5 mm. The assurances of Samsung, it is possible to model complex systems with up to 100 of these individual displays.

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