In the Netherlands in the next year will be smart road

In the Netherlands, by the middle of next year, is scheduled to begin operating the world’s first smart roads. New roads will contain some additional features that will enhance the ease of use.

smart roads

Thus, the project involves the use of Smart Highway instead of the usual special photoluminescent marking paint. Powder charge accumulates in the daytime, and then glows in the dark. These smart roads will able to emit light for 10 hours. In addition, with a special paint on the road will be marked with a mark. When the temperature drops below a certain value, this paint will appear and create images of snowflakes, attracting the attention of drivers and signaling a possible ice. The first sections of the road with new types of coverage should be started in the middle of next year in the province of Brabant.

However, that the developers are not going to stop. It is planned to equip the smart roads with special lanes EVs. In addition, for these expensive and made for the use of dynamic lighting. Thus, when approaching the car will automatically turn lights on part of the road, and after driving the vehicle – turn off automatically. Road infrastructure will use the energy from wind power. These solutions developers intend to implement over the next five years. In all, the developers have in stock about 20 ideas that will improve the operation of roads.

This was all about the smart roads in Netherlands; we can say this is one best example of engineering and humans concern with energy.

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