In the release version of Office 2013 for Windows RTM will be some restrictions

As the Internet continues to receive information about the new operating system Windows 8, which last week was transferred to the status of the Windows RTM. Thus, it became known that in Windows 8 blocked the ability to download a desktop computer in a classical setting. But this is not the only limitation of the new OS.

Windows RTM

As the resource The Verge, version of Windows RT, which is intended for use in tablets, based on the processor architecture based on ARM, also has some limitations. In particular, it was reported earlier that this version will contain the pre-office suite Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 (remember, this version of the program includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote). But, in fact, on the release date of the operating system and end-market device with it, users will see only the Preview version of Office 2013 productivity suite, which contains a number of limitations. For example, it will not be realized, some features such as support for macros or third-party extensions. VBA support and some other minor features are also not yet implemented in this version. Only some time later will be released an update that adds support for the missing at the time of release options. According to the source The Verge, knowledgeable about the plans of Microsoft, this update release is planned for early 2013. Thus, about three months, users will have to use trial version of office suite, although for some users, and these restrictions are not critical.

According to available information, the decision to limit the functionality of the office suite Microsoft Office Home & Student Office 2013, OS Windows RTM motivated by a desire to ensure the reliability of Microsoft devices and extend battery life between tablets. The fact that macros third-party extension and some other features have a negative impact on the performance of the devices that were found during testing. Because developers need more time to optimize these components to their full integration into the office suite. A complete list of features and components that will be excluded from the release version of office suite Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 for Windows RTM is not reported.

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