In Windows 8 the virtual keyboard has been substantially redesigned

The upcoming operating system Windows 8 is developed taking into account the fact that it will be installed including the tablets. In this regard, it has received a new interface Metro. But the developers had not to only create a new interface, but also review the work already familiar tools, such as on-screen keyboard.

Windows 8

Thus, developers had to consider how users interact with the tablet, to provide high-speed text entry, a high level of comfort of work, and try to minimize the likelihood of erroneous input symbols, and implement a mechanism correcting an erroneous input. It is noted that in most cases, people use three ways to work with the tablet: placing the tablet on the work surface, and typing with two hands, holding a tablet in one hand and typing with your fingers the other hand, while holding the tablet in both hands and typing with your thumbs on both hands. In this case, the standard touch keyboard optimized for text input only the first two methods. For a comfortable input data to a third method was proposed a new version of the keyboard layout that is optimized for input thumbs. Most of the buttons a keyboard located on the sides. The size of the buttons is configurable to optimize the use of the keyboard for different users.

Also, the developers have paid great attention to correct input errors, and the alleged substitution of input words, which is intended to enhance the comfort of a mobile device with a virtual keyboard. In order to improve comfort was also a mechanism of feedback. It appears that when you click on the virtual keyboard keys by touch and sound to change the color keys. In addition, the input of various non-alphabetic characters has been implemented additional layouts. Every time we are getting information regarding Windows 8 that, Microsoft has so many surprises in Windows 8 for us.


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