Integral 32GB Courier USB 3.0 affordable price but poor data rates: Review & Specs

The Integral 32GB Courier USB 3.0 offers peak speeds of 76 MB / s read but 26.6 MB / s write. It has, however, a very attractive price.

Integral 32GB Courier USB 3.0

Integral flash drive costs less than 30 euros for 32 GB, but offers modest rates especially in reading and writing. It is delivered without software.


The promise

Integral 32GB Courier USB 3.0 offers a good range. Available in capacities from 8 to 64 GB, Courier USB 3.0 depending on the manufacturer maximum speeds of 85 MB / s read and 25 MB / s write.



The Integral 32GB Courier USB 3.0 has a plastic casing while, but the blue and silver design is quite successful, with a nice transparency effect. The USB connector is protected by a cap that snaps onto the back of the key to not losing. A small red LED too discreet flashes during data transfer. The flash drive is formatted in FAT32 to be compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Alas, it is delivered without software or accessory!
Limited write speeds

The performance of the Integral 32GB Courier USB 3.0 flash drive, similar to those of the Supersonic XT Boost Patriot Memory, are modest. For large file transfers, measured rates of about 76 MB / s read and only 26.6 MB / s write. In comparison, the Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 reached respective scores of 85.1 and 39.3 MB / s. Moreover, an excellent USB 2.0 reaches 31 MB / s read and 24MB / s write. The Integral 32GB Courier USB 3.0 gets honorable scores for the transfer of MP3 files (54.6 MB / s read and 18.9 MB / s write), but collapses to Jpeg photos (32.5 MB / s reading and only 8 MB / s write). Finally, the key gently warmed. In the test was measured a maximum temperature of 41 degrees after intensive use.


The verdict

The major advantage of the Courier USB 3.0 is its price. Its performances are just ok: it is only 2.5 times faster read of an excellent USB 2.0. If you want more speed, go for the Kingston DataTraveler R3.0, which costs only 10 euros more.

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