Intel 335 Series SSD: Specs & Features

Intel has expanded its lineup of solid state drives, providing Intel 335 Series SSD devices. This series is intended to be a drive in the consumer computer systems.

Intel 335 Series SSD

As the manufacturer announced, Powered by the NAND flash memory with multilevel cell of IMFT, made at rates 20-nanometer manufacturing process. Note that the use of flash memory uses a new cell structure, thus increasing the number of cells compared to traditional architectures. In the 20-nm flash memory NAND (64GB) for the first time in the industry uses a planar cell structure that allows us to solve the problems associated with modern technologies, production processes, and to provide high performance and reliability at the level of the flash memory of previous generations, made of 25 – nanometer technology. Planar cell structure helps to overcome the limitations associated with the further scaling of the size of standard cells floating gate NAND memory through the introduction into the production process of memory metal gate dielectrics and Hi-K.

Intel 335 Series SSD drives have a form factor of 2.5 inches with the body thickness of 9.5 mm. Capacity of the new drive is 240 GB. They provide maximum sequential read speed of 500 MB / s and a maximum sequential write speed of information 450 Mb / s. The new model offers up to 42 thousand IOPS per second when reading the data block size of 4 KB, and up to 52 thousand IOPS per second recording. To connect to the system is a high-speed SATA3 interface with data transfer rates up to 6 Gb / s.

Intel 335 Series SSD comes with three-year limited warranty, moreover it would be on sale in the near future.

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