Intel already has focus on manufacturing in 5nm

At IDF 2012, Intel has just shown at the conference have been held in San Francisco its commitment to manufacturing technology advances for future chips. So much so that already hinting arrival of 5 nm in the manufacture of CPUs, Haswell now is intended to be manufactured in 22 nm.

Intel 5 nm processor

A change of strategy on previous concepts based raw performance with increasing frequency clock and roadmap which includes manufacturing processes 14, 10, 7 and 5 nanometers to dismiss this decade:

Intel 22 nm Haswell and 5 nm research

Technological breakthroughs in miniaturization and integration of components that make possible the manufacture of chips are smaller, cheaper and certainly less than current consumption.

Intel processor project

All indications are that Intel is taken very seriously as a rival ARM and sold chips 2,000 million in the second quarter on a design with low cost and consumption as highlights and exceeding forecasts and the rest of the computer industry, monopolizing the market for mobility and future entry into the market of PCs and servers. So, let’s wait and watch future of 5 nm Intel processor will bring a revolution in future computing.

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