Intel Haswell Processor: CPU of the future generation Ultrabooks

The next generation of Intel processors, known as Intel Haswell will hit the market next year, specifically in April 2013. Intel Haswell is a new architecture with improved energy efficiency, CPU and GPU.

Intel Haswell Processor

According to Intel, the next generation of processors Intel Haswell will be one of the biggest jumps in performance since coming to market Core 2 Duo. Under manufacturing process technologies of 22 nanometers, will include new architecture, new instructions, GPU support DX 11.1, improvements in power consumption, new cache system or support for the new generation of DDR4 memory.

Intel Haswell Processor
The trouble with the Intel Haswell will be totally incompatible with all previous Intel platforms, with new socket LGA 1150 and new 8 series chipsets. This means that the user will need to buy new motherboards.

Given this inconsistency and the release date of Ivy Bridge in April 2012, with models that have announced or available and others will be delayed until the arrival of Windows in October, it is not uncommon for manufacturers of motherboards explain that “Ivy Bridge can become the mobile platform from Intel with the lowest life cycle in recent years”. Let’s wait and watch that what would be special in next generation ultrabook processor that is Intel Haswell processor

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