Intel Itanium 9500 processor raw power for business applications: Specs & Features

Intel has just announced a new line of Intel Itanium 9500 microprocessors to date known as Intel Poulson offered for high yield market UNIX and mainframes for critical applications.

Intel Poulson

Intel brings to market the new Intel Itanium 9500,, the tenth generation of architecture IA64 (Intel Architecture-64), sharply differentiated from the x86 and x86-64 used in other Intel processors and based on explicit instruction-level parallelism.

The new updated Intel Itanium 9300 series ‘Tukwila’ launched in April 2010. The Poulson outperform in Tukwila 2.4 times the performance of scale and are 33 percent faster in speed E / S.

According to Intel, Intel Poulson is the general purpose processor complex in history, moving from 65 nm (SOI) manufacturing process to a 32-nanometer (HKMG) and including a whopping 3100 million transistors within a chip 588 square millimeters.

The Intel Poulson can have up to 8 cores and 16 processing threads native, with 54 Mbytes of on-chip memory (32 MB third-level cache) and notable architectural improvements have to be able to run up to 11 instructions per cycle, with improvement capabilities of multi-thread and the design of the L3 cache.

Among its best quotes a bandwidth of up to 6.4 GB / S in the point to point connection QPI, multi-threaded and new instructions that take advantage of parallelism in paragraph especially virtualization, increased performance per watt and duplication width 6-12 run without recompiling the application.

Intel Poulson

As announced, Intel Itanium 9500 is socket compatible with Tukwila level (LGA1248). A support will be extended to the next generation of Itanium key series ‘Kittson’. The Intel Itanium 9500 use the same chipset Xeon processors.

Also, for future generations, Intel is committed to a ‘Modular Development Model’ that allow greater similarities between the Intel Itanium and Xeon E7 family, from common design elements silicon to complete compatibility socket level. This will provide a more sustainable path for the development of the Itanium and greater design flexibility for Intel partners.

This was all regarding the latest revealed processor series. The new Intel Poulson Itanium 9500 sold in four models.

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