Intel Ivy Bridge-E, first look: Specs & Features

Intel introduced us to know the manufacturer’s strategy next year to its processing platforms highlighting Ivy Bridge-E the most powerful you can ride on a consumer computer.

Intel Ivy Bridge-E

Despite its name, and address the current Ivy Bridge, will not include the graphics chip unit and will be the replacement for the current range enthusiast Sandy Bridge-E.


This is best so far and there is no doubt in that. Intel has had mercy on consumers on this occasion; the new processors Ivy Bridge-E chips are compatible with current LGA-2011 and X79 chipset with a simple BIOS update. A relief does not have to change the motherboard. This Intel Ivy Bridge-E is sounding best solution so far.

Intel Ivy Bridge-E i7 Core Extreme Processor

Presumably no new architecture and under the same technological process of manufacture of 22 nanometres, Intel will increase the working frequencies of these with six-core models and contain consumption, although this is not a valuable aspect in the sector to which it is addressed, stop range in desktop PCs. The Intel Ivy Bridge-E is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2013.


Along with the Intel Ivy Bridge-E, see Haswell chips to launch in summer 2013 and covering the other segments in desserts, premium sector and mainstream desktops. If before now plays club played praise and they Haswell does need new motherboards with socket LGA-1150. Hard to explain to the consumer who just purchased a chipset for Ivy Bridge in less than a year has to change if you want to mount one of the Haswell but as have said earlier, by announcing Intel Ivy Bridge-E has shown a mercy to its consumer as they don’t have to change the main motherboard of their CPU of computers.

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