Intel Ivy Bridge ULV Processor: 3rd Generation Intel i Core Processors

Intel has already sent to manufacturers its new Ultra-Low Voltage microprocessors, designed for the platform Ultrabook. The U.S. firm proposes chips really efficient, they offer more than enough power for the job scenario which target and maintain a TDP of 17 watts.

Intel Ivy Bridge ULV

As advance in professional Ultrabook, the series includes four models Core i5 and Core i7, with two physical cores and four threads of processing native, tertiary cache 3 and 4 Mbytes and working frequencies up to 3 GHz with Turbo Boost. These microprocessors included in both die memory controller and integrated graphics HD 4000.

Two of the models announced include technology VPro offering the required native security in corporate environments and professionals with management and elimination of threats, identity and access, data protection and monitoring, and anti-theft technologies like Intel-Anti-Theft.

The Intel Ivy Bridge ULV or Intel ULV chips are already in the hands of the best manufacturers and soon start to see ultrabooks equipped with them. One of the first is the HP Spectre Pro XT will be available later this month of August with Intel Ivy Bridge ULV or Intel ULV processors.

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