Intel NUC Nettop from $ 300: Specs & Features

Intel has announced the launch of the Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing), minicomputers basis for the giant chip on brand marketing, after the success of developments as Raspberry Pi.

Intel NUC

Yes, forget the $35 Raspberry Pi because the Intel NUC will have nothing to do with it, because they are announced several SKUs, offered as Barebones (CPU + board + chassis + power 65 W) with a sale price (informal) between 300 and $ 350 you’ll need to add RAM and storage, further increasing their price to $ 500 environments.

Intel NUC

In return you know, a square chassis form factor of 11.6 inches, according to Intel as small as possible for expansion modules and the logic necessary to support next-generation processors Ivy Bridge that includes a Core i3-3217U as chosen processor.

Intel NUC expansion and connectivity is also outstanding with two SO-DIM slots for RAM, an M-SATA to add a solid state drive and a fourth mini-PCI slot. It also has three USB ports, an HDMI connector for video output module for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity and two kits, one with Gigabit Ethernet LAN and one with Thunderbolt announced that separate SKUs.

Intel NUC

Definitely impressive is Intel NUC for power and money. Its ability to transport and place anywhere, for purposes of consumer or business and the installation of any Windows or Linux gives you more flexibility.

This was all regarding the recently revealed Nettop Intel NUC.

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