Intel prepares nine designs with LGA1150 socket for future Core Intel Haswell processors

Some leaked shows, Intel puts on the track of the designs and chipsets for the fourth generation of Core processors, called Intel Haswell and low socket Intel LGA-1150.

Intel Haswell

You know that Ivy Bridge ‘has the months’ because Intel Haswell will be in the market in nine months, according to Intel, will be one of the biggest leaps in performance since the arrival on the market of Core 2 Duo.

Intel Haswell processor are manufacturing under process technology of 22 nanometers, include new architecture, new instructions, integrated GPU with support DX 11.1, improvements in power consumption, new cache system or support for the new generation DDR4 memory.

The Intel Haswell would use two new socket, the G3 (947-pin) for laptops and H3 (LGA1150) for desktop computers. Chipsets also will feature several Lynx Point Z87 for high performance teams HM87 and QM87 HM85/HM80 or input equipment to the platform.

Also a low-power chipset called ultrabooks focused Intel UM83, and that will add up to nine variants.

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