Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB: Price

Intel has just put on sale in Japan its new model SSD that comes with capacity of 240 GB, Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB at a price of 165 euros.

Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB

The Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB uses the new generation of NAND flash memories fabricated in 20-nanometer process technology. These storage units used 6 Gbps SATA interface, 2.5-inch form, a SandForce SF-2281 controller and capacities of 80, 180 and 240 Gbytes.

The latter model has been the first to reach the market and confirms the commitment of the chip giant in storage market.

Moreover, Intel SSD 335 Series models of 80GB and 180GB will be sold in early 2012 at a price of below the euro / Gbyte. Well, in the storage field, Intel is promising pretty good devices and new Intel SSD would compete with other SSD vendors in the market.

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