Intel SSD 525 for ultrabooks: Specs & Features

The chip giant Intel has just announced a new model miniPCIe format SSD mSATA interface, Intel SSD 525. This unit is perfect for ultrabooks since it avoids the need for traditional format housing i.e. 2.5″ equipment and can be integrated in much thinner space.

Intel SSD 525

The Intel SSD 525 is tested a model with 180 GB of capacity, enough to use as primary storage. Includes new NAND flash memory 20 nanometers and its interface m-SATA allows ultrabook shrink several degrees above the standard SATA.

Little Man, its controller LSI, SandForce SF-2281 enables data transfer rates of 504/463 Mbytes per second in still read / write, according to the evidence source.

Values which added to the 55,841 IOPS in 4K random write about this Intel SSD 525 to yield large SATA drives in 2.5-inch form, but we insist, with a very small size that will further reduce the thickness of ultrabooks.

This was all regarding the all new Intel SSD 525 perfect for ultrabooks in speed and size.

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