Intel: Twenty tablets under Windows 8 will come out this year

In a conference call for investors, the Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced that twenty new tablets equipped with Atom processors Clover Trail will come out this year.

Paul Otellini

Windows 8 will be released October 26, 2012. However, we do not yet know the details of its deployment on one of the sectors attracting the most attention these days: the tablets… Thanks to Intel CEO Paul Otellini, he declared something in one conference call on quarterly results from Intel.
In addition to announcing its best second fiscal quarter for five years, Paul Otellini has said that 20 tablets on Windows 8, equipped with the processors’ low power and low cost “, Intel Atom (codenamed Clover Trail), emerge by the end of the year. This figure added to that of tablets designed around Core architecture. Moreover, according to Intel always, the fall should see increasing the supply of ultrabooks less than $699. Knowing that the concept of ultrabook seems to cover several realities in the mouth of the boss of Intel. Paul Otellini said in effect “be very satisfied with the level of innovation and invention made in this category. Over 140 products with Ivy Bridge are being prepared.” Among these “over 40 will be equipped with touch screen and a dozen of them should be convertible”. Convertible tablet transformer tablets in other words.

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