Intel Valley Trail and Bay Trail quad core Atom processors: Specs & Features

The tablets computer are extremely going with the advancement in the technology and with the acceptance by people and all tech vendors are working on something extreme for tablet, Intel the chip giant don’t want to be behind anyone in this race and revealed the two future generations of x86 systems-on-a-chip for tablets – Intel Valley Trail and Intel Bay Trail processor. They will replace the present generation Clover Trail and will enable you to create very compact x86-tablets that can work without recharging for 10-12 hours.

Intel Valley Trail
It is expected that Bay Trail-T will hit the market in 2014. It differs from its predecessor in a more subtle process technology production rate of 22 nm, to 32 nm for Clover Trail. In terms of performance SoC will be 50-60% more powerful than the current generation of tablet chips Intel, with power consumption fall by about half. In addition, the company will move to a quad-core processor scheme, but refuses to Hyper-Threading (the formation of two separate processing threads within a single physical core). As a chip maker uses GPU HD 4000, which is a good alternative to future decisions ARM Mali.

Intel Valley Trail


Following the Bay Trail-T company will launch Intel Valley Trail, namely Intel Valley View-T and its main feature – a new processor architecture Silver Mont. Quad-core chip can operate at frequencies up to 2.1 GHz, will receive the full support of DirectX 11, and resolutions up to 2560×1600 pixels. This is the first flatbed x86 SoC, which can support seriously interested in game development.
This was all regarding upcoming Intel quad core Atom processors, Intel Valley Trail and Bay Trail, stay tuned for more updates.

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