Intel will release more energy-efficient version of Ivy Bridge processors

Intel is seeking not only to increase the performance of their processors, but also looking for ways to reduce the power consumption of chips. And, Intel is working on the current generation of processor architecture Ivy Bridge, Intel engineers are planning to release more efficient models of devices.

Intel energy efficient Ivy Bridge processors
It is noted that the reduction in energy consumption will be significant enough, although its exact value is not called. Currently, the most energy-efficient mobile processors Intel Ivy Bridge, used by Windows-based ultrabook and gadgets Apple MacBook Air, have a TDP 17 Tues. Thus, the new version of the chip will lower the value of this indicator. Therefore, in theory, manufacturers will be able to use this processor in the tablets.

Recall, according to data announced by the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will use the processor Ivy Bridge Core i5. But, as expected, it will chip the existing auditing a TDP of 17 Tues, Most tablets with Windows 8 from other manufacturers use less productive and more efficient processor Intel Atom Z2760. But even this loses power efficient chips based on the architecture ARM, for many of whom it is typical power consumption to 2 watts. The lower the energy consumed by the processor, the longer the device can operate in standalone mode and less bulky and expensive cooling system is required to remove the heat from it. This was all regarding upcoming Intel energy efficient Ivy Bridge processors.

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