Intel will start selling the device Intel NUC in two versions: Specs & Features

Recently, the company became interested in the creation of compact Intel computer systems. So, recently, it began to push for ultrabooks, which have less weight, dimensions than standard laptops. In addition, a few months ago by Intel demonstrated a compact desktop computer system Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing).

Intel NUC


Now it became known that the first devices Intel NUC will go on the market in October. The NUC computer system includes a motherboard the size of 4×4 inches (10.2 x10.2 cm). Also available in a pre-defined mobile processor family Core i3 Ivy Bridge with integrated graphics Intel HD 4000. On the motherboard provides two SO-DIMM slots for memory module, one M-SATA port to connect the SSD and one slot mini-PCI. This slot system builder can use to extend the functionality of the device. For example, they can charge a fee to the wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, the motherboard provides three USB ports, and video output HDMI.


NUC-systems can provide performance comparable to the performance of desktop computers, but they have a much smaller size. These Intel NUC devices are intended for use by OEM system builders who can create a variety of embedded solutions or compact computers for end users. Intel has no plans to sell ready-NUC system. However, interested users will have the option to purchase a compact body that supports VESA mounting system and an external power supply to create the finished computer.

Intel NUC


It is reported that Intel will launch two variants of motherboards NUC systems that will vary affordable connectivity. One of them will include high-speed Thunderbolt. In the second case, instead of Thunderbolt port will be available to the network port Ethernet. Thus, the second system will allow OEM builders to stop using wireless module Wi-Fi and use the mini-PCI slot to install other expansion cards that will allow more flexibility to configure the system to the needs of end customers.

Indicative prices of Intel NUC systems are still unknown, but according to preliminary data, the price of the set, including the motherboard, case and external power supply, is less than $ 400.


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