Intel: Windows 8 is not yet ready for the market

During the meeting with the staff in Taipei CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini said the new operating system Microsoft Windows 8 will be released before it is actually ready to release. It is reported by the resource Bloomberg, referring to the words of man.

Windows 8

Also during the meeting, Otellini said that the operating system Windows 8 has yet to make many improvements.

Thus, the head of one of the major partners of Microsoft joined a group of experts and analysts criticized the Nationals new OS. In particular, they point to the lack of sufficient number of applications for the OS. In addition, manufacturer of computer hardware does not have enough time to prepare all the necessary drivers for Windows 8. Recall, though, that older applications that are compatible with Windows 7, will run on the new OS in the desktop environment, for the environment in the style of Windows 8 (formerly known as Metro) requires different applications. In addition, the version of Windows RT, designed to run on computing devices based on processors ARM, requires the use of different applications. And even there is not enough, Microsoft to release Windows 8 final version of its office suite Office for Windows RT. The first devices will be marketed with a preliminary version of the package, and a few months later, the renovation to the final version.

According to some analysts the situation with Windows 8 in much the same situation five years ago. Recall that in 2007 Microsoft has released an operating system Windows Vista. Despite a number of innovations implemented in it, was met by the market cool enough. The fact that many of the applications that work in conjunction with the operating system Windows XP, does not run on Windows Vista. In addition, users have experienced problems with the old equipment, because not all existing devices were released drivers for Windows Vista.

The company calls the Microsoft Windows 8 most widely tested, reviewed and ready operating system, since the availability of its pre-release there were over 16 million activations.

A representative of Intel declined to comment on the issues discussed in the closed meeting, but noted that Windows offers many business opportunities for Intel, because the company will work with Microsoft to introduce a new user experience across devices. So, lets see what will be the real feature of Windows 8? Or it will be a fail like Windows Vista? Or Windows will overcome with Windows 9? It is still a mystery.

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