Intel’s fourth generation Core processors with longer battery life

Intel has taken a task to improve the battery life of its core processors.  They have recently announced at the Computex trade show in Taipei that they would be bringing the new generation i3, i5 and i7  core processors. Intel claims that the new processors will offer the biggest improvement in battery life in Intel history as compared to their earlier versions. 

 Intel’s fourth generation Core processors with longer battery life

These will be the quad code version and will be the 4th generation chips as Intel would like to call it (Haswell). The New generation core i-Series processor has 1.4 billion transistors on a quad core die that measures 177 nm2. As there is much demand for touch computers, there will be much demand for the larger PCs as well. However larger PCs would still need thin and light designs. Quad-core CPUs are generally found in high end desktops and laptops. 

When tested for HD video playback, the Intel new generation i7-4650U (15W TDP) chip lasted for 3 more hours as compared to the 2012 Core i7-3667U (20W TDP). The battery life boosted from 6 hours to 9.1 hours which is almost 40% performance improvement in the battery life. The Standby battery life was cited as 10-13 days, considerable improvement from 4.5 days. There is also two times improvement while working with graphics with the new chip.

Intel’s competitor AMD believes that the thin and light design will give Windows devices a sublime touch and will allow their chips to be used in tablets and laptops. Intel also started building its chips on the same strategy and concentrating more on the thin and light chip design. The performance of these next generation chip will definitely much better than its predecessors. Other features of the new Intel chips would be the much integrated graphics and features such as Wireless display that will interest most of the PC buyers.

 Intel’s fourth generation Core processors with longer battery life

When compared with other processors like Toshiba Qosmio X875 and Razor Blade 14 for tasks like image processing and multimedia multi tasking the Intel Core i7 processor stood fair. You need to remember though that other factors of the PC play a major role in the performance as well.

As of now Intel is leading with its high performance quad-core chips. The good news for the laptop and desktop buyers this summer and beyond is that the PCs you buy may have the new i-Series fourth generation chips. The price tag will be revealed very soon for the 4th generation core processors and we will let you know in our posts at later date.

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