Interesting Ways Teachers Have Used Tech In the Classroom

Today’s explosion of technological devices is revolutionizing the way teachers teach. According to a PBS survey, 74 percent of teachers believe that using mobile technology in the classroom offers numerous benefits — namely, this practice helps reinforce content, motivates students, and expands on different learning styles. The following list shows just a few of the more interesting ways that teachers are using tech in the classroom.

iPad Programs

Interesting teaching methods in classroom

With the range of iPad apps out there, the ones available for education are only expanding. Today, iPads have found their way into the classroom, giving children the opportunity to play games, search the Web, or use study tools to benefit their education. For example, the Math Bingo app helps children learn all the basic mathematical functions, from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. Children also learn from reading programs, creative games, and science exploration apps on the iPad.

Team Google Docs

Google Docs is an easy-to-use program that helps users collaborate on spreadsheets, word documents, and presentations online in real-time. Plus, users can access their documents from any computer. Today, teachers are using this program to teach teamwork and promote peer editing skills by having students work on group projects.

Internet Research

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that in a 2009 survey, 97 percent of teachers had one or more computers in the classroom each day, and 93 percent of those computers had Internet on them. Teachers use these computers to give their students resources to do research on projects. By giving students access to high-speed providers like Hughes Net satellite Internet, they learn how to perform research for the real world while discovering more about the subject they’re researching.

Skype with Experts

Skype teaching with experts

Before the age of video conferencing, the only way that students could interact with experts is if the individual had the time to travel to their school and talk with them. Today, however, professionals only need a few spare minutes to make it to the classroom with video conferencing technology like Skype. For example, reports that George Mayo connected with 15 experts on various subjects to help his middle school class create 18 different documentaries.

Projects with eBooks

In English classrooms across the nation, teachers are taking the writing process one step farther and actually having their students create and finish eBooks. First, they teach their students different literary techniques and have them write a story, and then they bring the story to life with pictures and formatting methods, helping them understand the entire process of story writing.

Classroom Organization

With the rapid expansion in technology, more and more schools are turning to an online method of grading and connecting with students. Many teachers now post students’ grades online, allowing students and their parents to watch their progression throughout the semester while making it easier to reach their goals. Teachers also use mobile technology to connect with their students outside of the classroom through email, social media, and blogs.

If you’re a teacher looking for great ideas, these methods of teaching are becoming increasingly popular because they’re easily effective.

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