Internet Explorer 9 is safest when it comes to malwares

According to a study by research firm NSS Labs, Internet Explorer 9 is the safest browser against malware.

Internet Explorer 9

The study, which compared the security capabilities of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari for 175 days, leaves no doubt: Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer gets a mean 95% blocking malware. On the opposite side are Firefox and Safari, which barely 6%. Chrome on the other hand varies between 13 and 74%, depending on the version.

Keep in mind that although the study was just published, was conducted between December 2011 and May 2012, so that the tested versions of browsers are in the running Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Firefox 7-13 and Google Chrome 15-19, not current.

And we must also take into consideration that analyzes different types of malware and the results vary depending on the browser and version thereof. The survey of Chrome, Firefox and IE says, Chrome is used in maximum cases then Firefox and then Internet Explorer. Now it has been proved by NSS labs that Internet Explorer 9 is safest when it comes to malware. But still many people which are addicted to chrome and Firefox will not move to IE just because of malware, you can also share your thinking by commenting on Internet Explorer 9.


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